Health Benefits of Banana

Health Benefits of Banana

If a person is asked to name a fruit that is sweet yet healthy for people with diabetes, long curvy yet convenient, loaded with nutrients yet loved by kids, no wonder the answer will be a BANANA!

And why not! Banana has a small amount of sugar which is compensated by other nutrients, especially fiber, and that makes it healthy even for diabetic patients. You can always grab a banana when in a hurry and carry it anywhere in your bag or purse. Being an energy booster, it helps in reducing frequent cravings which have many other benefits.

Today we will talk everything about bananas and give you more reasons to add them to your daily life! Before getting started, let’s have a look at what it contains that makes it so much healthier.


Amount Per 100 grams

Calories 89

Total Fat 0.3 g 0%

Saturated fat 0.1 g 0%

Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g

Monounsaturated fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg 0%

Sodium 1 mg 0%

Potassium 358 mg 10%

Total Carbohydrate 23 g 7%

Dietary fiber 2.6 g 10%

Sugar 12 g

Protein 1.1 g 2%

Vitamin A 1% Vitamin C 14%

Calcium 0% Iron 1%

Vitamin D 0% Vitamin B-6 20%

Cobalamin 0% Magnesium 6%

It can be noticed easily that a 100-gram banana has only 89 calories that makes it unique already. It has vitamin B6 in a high amount that helps in many health conditions, including physical and mental. It has other vital nutrients in a fair amount as well that fulfil the body’s need to some extent.

Let’s talk all about banana:

  • Health Benefits
  • Skin Benefits
  • Hair Benefits
  • Fighting-off Diseases
  • Side-effects
  • Adding in your diet
  • FAQs

Health Benefits of Banana

Having bananas only on auspicious occasions is just not right for what it possesses. It has some of the most unique and surprising benefits that people rarely know. From improving gut health to physical fitness to mental health and even treating depression, bananas are life-saviour and are best to be consumed during menstruation. Here are the health benefits of bananas:

  1. Banana helps in healthy digestion by improving the metabolism system. The main constituents of bananas are fiber and water in massive amounts. Fiber ensures enhanced gastrointestinal health and water keeps your excretion process regular by smoothening up the digestive tract.
  2. Being less in calories, banana becomes helpful in regulating your weight. It has vitamin B6 that prevents craving and delays the digestion process. It has some nutrients that keep healthy bacteria full. Also, it has a fair amount of pectin that controls the amount of fat absorbed by the body. All this adds up to become an aid in weight loss.
  3. Banana is also found to be helpful during menstruation. It helps with menstrual cramps and regulates your mood swings to some extent as well.
  4. Hardly anyone knows that eating bananas can improve vision. Vitamin A along with lutein safeguards from blurred central vision or macular degeneration and keeps vision normal at night.
  5. Banana has vital nutrients that keep your heart healthy. According to research, high potassium and less sodium diet are hugely favorable for heart patients, and banana is one of them. High potassium content keeps track of regular heartbeat rate, and less sodium prevents high blood pressure, both of them adding up to decrease any strain on the cardiovascular system. Also, it has vitamin B6 that reduces LDL or bad cholesterol in the body.
  6. Bananas are good for bones. Though it doesn’t contain calcium, it has a massive amount of fructooligosaccharides that increases calcium absorption in the body. This enhances the action of calcium and keeps your bone healthier.
  7. Banana is rich in magnesium that is an essential nutrient to make your muscles leaner. It helps in getting rid of muscle contraction and relaxes it. Also, it boosts up a process in which the body releases extra fat. The protein content of bananas helps in producing lean muscle mass.
  8. Similarly, it has a high amount of potassium that plays a vital role in recovering muscles after a workout fighting off muscle soreness and helps in strengthening it. This increases your potential to workout.
  9. An amino acid named tryptophan in a banana boosts up memory power. It enhances learning ability and helps in remembering things more. The amino acid is later converted into serotonin that helps brain neurotransmitters in regulating your mood.
  10. The same amino acid has sleep-inducing property. As stated above, banana h make as magnesium that helps in the relaxation of muscles and vitamin B6 that provides better and deeper sleep. All this adds up to banana have the antidepressant property that makes it fight-off depression at the initial stage.

Benefits of Banana for Skin

Bananas being high in vitamins and antioxidants make them one of the best ingredients to be added in different packs, masks, and scrub. But bananas can be used at home without spending much on readymade. Here are some of the best ways how bananas are a boon to your skin:

1.Banana is a natural moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated. Being high in vitamin A, it helps to cope up with dry skin making it softer and restoring the natural moisture that it contains. It takes away rough texture and makes it smoother.

Applying a mashed ripen banana on the skin and washing it off with cold water after 15 minutes will do the work. Remember not to use it near the eyes and mouth.

2. Being a great exfoliator, banana helps in getting rid of oily skin. It takes away excess sebum from the face and gives clear, glowing skin. It has potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C that removes extra oil.

Applying a face mask of mashed ripen banana, a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of a squeezed lemon juice will do the job. Remember to remove the mask with a wet cloth or cold water.

3. Banana can be your savior if acne is one of the biggest enemies! It has some fantastic anti-inflammatory nutrients like zinc, manganese, and vitamin A that reduces bumps and treat acne naturally.

Rub a banana peel on affected areas at least once a day and see the difference in a few attempts.

4. Not only banana treats acne but also helps in fading away acne scars, moles, age spots, or any pigmentation. Also, it is a remedy for the dull face as it lightens up dark spots and gives clear skin.

Apply a face pack of mashed banana thrice a week for better results.

5. Banana is known to be a natural botox as it fades wrinkles. Not only wrinkles but other ageing signs also. Being high in antioxidants, banana keeps fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and saggy skin away from you and keeps you young.

Apply face mask of a mashed banana, a teaspoon of thick yogurt, and orange juice or lemon juice on affected areas and rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Hair Benefits of Banana

Having dandruff all over the shoulder and flakes on the scalp is embarrassing. And frizzy hair destroys any hairstyle in seconds. But no worries, bananas got your back. Here are the top benefits of bananas for hair:

1. Banana helps you in getting rid of all those dandruff flakes on the scalp that makes it harder for you to resist scratching them. It can be caused by many ways like dryness, fungal or bacterial infection, irritation, etc. Banana has antibacterial and antifungal properties that remove all dandruff.

Make a hair mask of banana and apply it on the scalp to moisturize it.

2. Stopped hair growth can be a reason for your low self-esteem, but banana is here to help you out. The antioxidants present in it makes hair follicles stronger that triggers hair growth. Reduced oxidative stress and infused scalp are other ways in which banana increases hair growth.

3. Banana eliminates the problem of frizzy hair that shows no mercy on your hairstyles. It has high silica content that enhances collagen production in the body. This stimulates hair to be more bouncy and smoother.

4. Having dull hair can ruin your whole look, but banana won’t let that happen. The high potassium, vitamin, and carbohydrate content of bananas give you smoother and shinier hair. It also has some natural oils that keep your hair moisturized and look healthier and beautiful.

Fighting-off Diseases

Now that the exploration of bananas is done and you are already surprised to let us amaze you some more. A few people are known to banana’s ability to fighting-off many diseases and conditions.

Starting with diabetes, banana has high fiber content that keeps blood sugar level low and prevents type2 diabetes.

As a banana contains a fair amount of iron, this boosts up the production of red blood cells in the body. This prevents and treats anaemia, a condition in which a person goes short of breath, experiences constant fatigue, and paleness.

A person going through diarrhea may undergo more problems due to the lack of water and fiber that the body is experiencing. Banana has your back here! Being rich in fiber and water content and even some essential electrolytes that safeguard from bloating, gas, and cramps.

Ulcers are treated and prevented by bananas effectively. What banana does to ulcers is it boosts up the formation of mucus in the digestive tract. It is a natural antacid and neutralizes acidity, the leading cause of ulcers. It heals up and soothes the burning sensation.

As discussed earlier, banana keeps your heart healthy. It has a high amount of fiber, folate, and vitamin C content that safeguards the heart from coronary heart diseases. High potassium and low sodium content prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke and attacks.

It is hard to believe that a banana becomes helpful in preventing some specific types of cancer. It has a protein-compound lectin that prevents leukemia by stopping the growth of cells that cause it. Also, lectin counteracts free radicals whose increment leads to cancer. Kidney cancer is prevented by banana as it contains a high amount of phenolic compounds.

Antioxidants and potassium content of banana helps treat asthma and lowers the risk of kidney stones.!!

Side-effects of Banana

  1. Avoid having a banana if your kidney does not function fully as the excess of potassium may lead to hyperkalemia, a condition in which the kidney becomes unable to remove excess potassium from the blood. This can be serious and cause many other problems.
  2. Excess of bananas may lead to triggered allergies. The symptoms can vary from itching, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, etc. And it might be more severe in worse cases causing life-threatening anaphylaxis.
  3. Avoid unripe banana as it contains a high amount of starch that is slightly indigestible and hence causes constipation. Also, excess of banana may lead to some other problems like bloating, gas, etc. as it contains a high amount of pectin fiber that may cause excessive loss of water from the body.
  4. It is observed in some people that excess of banana causes them a severe headache, especially migraine.
  5. Excess intake of bananas may lead to sleepiness throughout the whole day as it contains tryptophan whose excess obstruct mental performance making it slow, also makes your muscle relax more than needed that all-cause sleepiness.

Adding Banana to Your Diet

  1. Bananas are sweet and hence used as a whole different flavor in many desserts. Banana pancakes, puddings, etc. are common among people. But banana walnut muffins can be a healthier breakfast.
  2. Indian desserts are too awesome to not talk about. Be it Indian mini donuts (gulgula) or Jowar Banana cake; both are healthy and also delicious.
  3. Another healthy recipe is oatmeal as it has less sugar and still tastes amazing.
  4. Smoothies or milkshakes are tempting and impressive as a breakfast drink. It is healthy and more amazing when combined with different flavors.
  5. Try banana ice-cream as it has zero refined sugar and dairy, so yes, even ice cream becomes healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it OK to have a banana on an empty stomach?

  • No. High levels of magnesium and potassium that banana contains may overload blood levels and lead to heart problems.

Q2. Is it safe to drink water after a banana?

  • No. It is advisable to drink water only after an hour of having a banana. As the addition of water leads to diluted gastric and digestive enzymes that make digestion difficult.

Q3. Should banana be refrigerated?

  • Not in the case of a fully ripened banana but half ripened or unripened banana can be refrigerated to delay its ripening. Cover banana with a plastic film or put it in a sealed container before refrigerating it for better result.

Q4. How long is banana fresh in the refrigerator?

  • It is stated that bananas are fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Q5. Should we eat a banana in cough and cold or fever?

  • Yes. It is advisable by doctors also as it is easy to chew and digest. And provides you with the necessary nutrients and calories while being sick.

Q6. Should we eat a banana in a fever?

  • Yes. Bananas are more about fiber and water. More water in your body reduces hotness on regular days as well as un fever.

Q7. Is it safe to have a banana in winters?

  • Bananas should not be consumed at night in winters if a person is suffering from a cold and cough or any respiratory problems as it may irritate contacted with mucus or phlegm.

Q8. Should pregnant ladies have bananas?

  • Absolutely yes. A decent amount of bananas provides essential nutrients to the mother and baby. But remember not to cross the limit as it may cause problems like constipation.

Q9. When should a baby be fed with a banana?

  • It is advisable to introduce a banana to a 6-month-old baby. At this stage, babies should start having semi-solid food, and banana is one of them. A small mashed banana should be fed in a day.

Q10. Is banana an energy booster?

  • Yes. Being rich in glucose, bananas provide instant energy and helps in recovering from a challenging workout or any physical activity.

Final Words

We hope enough information is provided next time you are buying fruits; bananas find a place in your cart as well. One of the best thing about bananas is that it is portable and lovable by all. You won’t find a single person who doesn’t like bananas (if found make them read this. Wink.).

Add bananas to your diet in many different ways to not get bored with it. Keep in mind its side effects and enjoy having it in a limited amount.


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